Hello 🙂
My name is Isabela, I was born in the mid-eighties in Warsaw, Poland.
I am self-taught artist, who loves to give items new life, learn and try new techniques.

For past 10 yrs [from 2006] I specialized in painting and converting board game miniatures and wargame terrains…
In the meantime I learned how to sew clothes and plush toys. Next step in my career was doll customizing – miniatures are static – they have one pose, and are exact the thing sculptor [or game designer] wanted them to be, what was a bit limiting to my creativity.
I wanted something more, new medium, that would allow me to create characters living in my imagination. Then my BFF’s daughter was into Monster High and showed me the dolls… and I thought “If I can paint these tiny miniatures, I could try with dolls… Bigger model – more ways to use it”.

And that’s how it all started.I thought if I can repaint so small parts as 28 mm boardgame figurines, I definetly could try with bigger ones, e.g. dolls.
So I tried – and I fall in love with it! 😉

There is no such word as “impossible” when it comes to art 🙂

If You need something specific – just let me know – maybe I can do it for You?


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