Commission Orders – pricing, waiting time, other important informations

Please remember that custom orders always have specific timeline, due to high demand. Contact me to reserve your place on the wait-list and get a more accurate info about waiting time. Sorry for any inconvenience!
[plus shipping cost, depending on Your location and package weight [between $6 and $10 worldwide first class priority mail]

faceup only: $49
full body blush: $25
reroot only: from $35 to $75 prices will vary depending on used materials, colors and hairstyle! – sanding: $25
full custom: from $100 – sky is the limit 😉 [includes faceup, body blush, hair changes – reroot and/or haircut, custom made clothes and accessories]

If You want me to buy a specific doll for custom – her price will be added to total order costs [unless I have it on my dolly stash]. I can get a brand new doll or used in excellent condition also. When I buy used dolls – all renovation cost will NOT be added to Your final price.
– repainting doll accesories: shoes, boots, glasses, purses etc.
– repainting doll’s furniture
– customizing / repainting doll’s pets, horses, cars etc.
– custom doll clothes
– plush toys [for You or doll size]
– repainting and customizing boardgame / wargame miniatures and terrains


Please contact me via PM / e-mail, so we can discuss the details of your commission and determine the shipping price.
You can pay the entire sum in advance. Or we can agree on installment plan, but no longer than 3 payments. You will need to cover all additional fees, that PayPal add to every payment.
You can send your doll to me or ask me to buy a doll here in EU to avoid shipping costs. (if You want to use Your doll – always use the postal service, that provides tracking number! also check my other note about shipping safely).
Wait time can vary. I try to finish all custom dolls in 2-3 weeks [full custom with reroot, clothes etc.] or less, this time do not includes shipping time, which is 9-14 workdays in most of the cases. The time I will finish Your order will depend on complexity of Your order and Your place on the wait-list.
Dolls which include reroots and/or body modifications cannot be rushed. These projects must be submitted as early as possible to account for various factors ( such as rerooting time, making adjustments, wait time for glue to set, wait time for finishes).
I will also send you photos of my progress.
PLEASE BE AWARE: Your place on the wait-list depending on your payment! The order of the list always depends on who paid the first. Only this method is fair to determine the order of commissions.
If you are dissatisfied with the finished doll faceup [and faceup ONLY ] you can cancel the repaint order, and I will return the doll [if You provided it!!!] to you wiped clean of all work I have done on it (that means it will be returned to you without a face), but I will take all fees that PayPal has taken from my account, costs of shipping it back to You, and a 50% of the down payment, due to material cost and my time spend on it.
Unfortunately time is essential in my work.
Also – if I provided doll for You – her price would not be refunded as well!
FULL COMMISSIONS with faceup, reroot, sanding etc. CANNOT BE CANCELED / REFUNDED.
If for some reason I have to cancel your order I will return the doll to you and refund the down payment.
I expect a down payment equivalent to half the agreed commission price to start the commission and the rest when the doll(s) is/are completed. Down payment or half the full payment required to start the commission is non-refundable.
Down payment is required since it pays for the materials used to create your doll.
I accept only PayPal for payment.
I will hold your doll(s) until payment is complete.
You will be notified within 24 hours when work on the commission is completed. Approval of the work/revision requests are expected within 2 days // 48 hours after delivery of this notification. Succesful payment is expected within 2 days of final approval of the work, unless alternate payment arrangements have been made.
Ooak Tree Dolls reserves the right to interpret non-payment for 30 days following completion or approval of work (whichever is later) as the customer’s resignation of any and all claims, rights, and/or interest in the work, at which point I will assumes full and exclusive ownership of the work. The work may then be auctioned, resold, modified, destroyed or otherwise disposed at Ooak Tree’s sole discretion.
By purchasing this listing you agree to all my policies!!!
Please review these prior to purchasing.
  • I will complete each repaint to the best of my ability. I have a personal artistic style that does not change dramatically from doll to doll, however, and that will influence what the finished result will look like. Please note that every doll is hand painted so tiny imperfections and /or differences are to be expected. I pay attention to detail and symmetry, and I have very high standards for my work, but occasionally small imperfections slip in.
  • I am not responsible for damage to the doll that occurs in your care. I seal the dolls as best I can without compromising quality, but if treated roughly the dolls could become damaged.
  • My dolls are a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. They would not make a good doll for a small child as their faces needs to be treated with care.

Please be aware:

  • due to scale we work in – there is no physical possibility for my work to be exact the same as referred model / photos You’ll send me, but I always to my best to make close match.
  • Remember, that doll’s face mold cannot be drastically changed.
  • As for custom-made clothes – seam allowances in clothes and used materials will determine the final result. The scale of clothes we sew is different than human-sized ones, so there are some techniques that cannot be used on doll’s clothes, but I will always explain You how [and why] will final result look.