Disney Descendants: Dizzy Tremaine

Dizzy Tremaine is the daughter of Drizella Tremaine – one of Cinderella’s sisters, and granddaughter of Lady Tremaine – Cindy’s evil stepmonther.
She is the youngest character in Disney’s TV series Descendants.

Unlike her family, Dizzy is a sweet and kind-hearted girl.
She enjoys creative ways of spending time and fashion design is her all-time-favorite. Due to her craftsy passions she is always covered in paint splatters, and with hair  tied into two messy buns – but this look matches her personality well 🙂

This doll is a Christmas gift for a little girl named Ally, and sine she  will attend lots of adventures with her  owner – she is not a full repaint!
Base doll was Jane of Audaron, and she was given some touch-ups to match Descendants little actress, who plays Dizzy.
I changed her hair to hand-dyed alpaca fur,  eye and lip color and gave her new clothes – all sewn by me.



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