The Book of Life – Carmen Sanchez

Remember my around-Halloween post about Book of Life movie, and one of main characters – La Muerte? This time I present second female character from same movie – Carmen Sanchez.

Carmen is  main character’s – Manolo – mother.
She is fierce and stubborn lady, that cannot be stopped by any  obstacles when taking care of her family, and that includes being dead 😉
She accompanies her son on his journey through the afterlife to save Land of Remembered and help him fight for Love of his life,  she bitch-slaps main Bad Guy in the movie and attends her son wedding day – because she is a Mom, and Moms Do Things. Being dead is not an excuse!

Carmen wears a black dress with floral pattern ruffles on the bottom half and a red sash tied around her waist. This type of dress comes from the state of Chiapas in Mexico.
And same as all other characters in Land of Remembered – she is portrayed as calaca doll.

At first I wanted to share her in Halloween evening, but sadly I  got sick and any  additional activities had to wait till I get a bit better…  Carmen was  a part of Christmas gift along with La Muerte doll, and both are now in their new home, waiting for Big Night.



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