Agent Carter

Peggy Carter must balance life as a secret agent with that of a single woman in 1940s America.
Not a piece of cake, if you take into consideration that it was time period, when women were only seen as future mothers and wifes. In proffession, that was once only allowed to men, miss Carter superpower is often the fact that other people underestimate her. And she often uses that to her advantage

This retro beauty was a requested order, that is on her way to a new home.

Her dress, even tho so simple, was a true challenge. In such a simple cut there are no frills, rhinestones, or other mess, that could cover your mistakes, so everything must be perfect. Every cut, dart, every line, skirt length… So I had sewn this darn dress three times before I was pleased with the result 😀

Used materials
– faceup: Tamiya weathering sets, watercolor pencils
– hair: kanekalon, mixed brown shades
– dress: cotton knit, satin ribbon


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