Ghost in the Shell: Motoko Kusanagi

I probably finished her just before premiere of new live action movie, where Major Kusanagi is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson.
The doll is half way between how I always saw The Major in my imagination, and some Scarlett Johansson facial expressions ­čÖé She can be adopted in my Etsy store.

Being strong-willed, physically powerful, and highly intelligent – Motoko Kusanagi is well known for her tactic skills, deduction, hacking and military art.
But what not many of her companions know – she also seeks humanity in herself, wondering if she still have her ghost, her soul, intact or maybe, just maybe, she is only a creation with false memories to give her the illusion of own humanity …

Major Motoko Kusanagi:
– You talk about redefining my identity. I want a guarantee that I can still be myself.

Puppet Master:
– There isn’t one. Why would you wish to? All things change in a dynamic environment. Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.


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