Mia – new doll, new skills

Mia is my personal doll project, made to test some new skills, new drawing techniques and lines, along with new materials used. Her head was shrunken with fast method [100% acetone used] to match body proportions, she have a yarn wig on self adhesive cap instead of reroot. New eye style was also tested on this sweet face.
She still needs eyelashes and gloss to be applied on her eyes, but since my gloss varnish run out, I need new bottle to come…

I wanted to test  yarn wigs for quite some time now, but not every yarn you’ll buy will work for these. So I’ve spend several months just on searching, testing, and picking what was working best for me.  And I must say I fell in love with how acrylic yarn looks! It is almost human-hair looking on dolls – the texture and  fiber thickness  are just perfect, and what is  the most amazing part – you can style them to look like they’re flowing on gentle wind ❤

I am super-happy with how she turned out, and how many new things I’ve learned 🙂
BTW – some say she looks like Avril Lavigne younger self.


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