Another Monster High doll look-alike…

These dolls are kinda my type. I am often asked to make someone’s look-alike doll. And it is so much fun and so much stress in the same time!

People who are asking for a look-alike often want them to be a gift, something unusual for person they have special bond with – it is a great responsibility, since I must  fulfill not only my client’s wishes but also this other person imaginations about how they look. It makes me feel like a painter who is asked to paint a portrait of a powerful person – you must catch something special that will give people sure who is portrayed, and compliment the person in the same time – because who would want his own portrait with all the flaws?!
Of course there are people who can be easily classified as a classical beauty / prince charming, but then  level of stress is even higher, since I need to  transfer this natural attractiveness onto a doll.

This order was easily classified to a “prince charming” category, since person who ordered his own lookalike was a handsome man and charming interlocutor  🙂 It was something in between of a fantasy doll world and a portrait – the doll supposed to be similar to my client, but in the same time he wanted it to be a gorgon, just like Monster High Deuce Gorgon doll [who, obviously, was picked as a base 🙂 ] We could probably say it was a Monster High avatar of my client OC -meet David Gorgon! 🙂


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