Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers: Gadget Hackenwrench

When I was a small kid I wasn’t into dolls at all! All we could choose from were Barbie or newborns [mostly poor quality from Soviet Union] – and they creeped me out. I still find their body proportions ugly and unreal… But I was all for plushie animals and anthro Disney animal characters ❤

That’s why I LOVED Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers so much! I  liked all the characters from funny and heroic Monterey Jack to small bodied, but big hearted Zipper. But Gadget was definietly my idol – she was smart, brave, and she handled bad situations all by herself. Not a damsel in distress, but a true hero. Someone I could look up to 🙂

Long story short – Hujoo Phoebe doll was anything I could wish for – an anthro BJD, with great quality and reasonable priced. I had to have her! So I bought her [check up my older posts about Phoebe and Rabbi] and turn into one of my childhood heroes!

Wig: alpaca fur – made by me
Overalls” kint fabric, velcro enclosure – sewn by me as well.


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