Marvel’s heroes – Storm / Ororo Munroe

As one of the most powerful X-Men, Storm has almost complete control of the different weather elements and can manipulate them. She comes from a long line of African witch-priestesses and was worshiped as a goddess even before joining the X-Men.  After marrying the Black Panther, she became queen consort of Wakanda.  Ororo Munroe has been one of most recognizable and most important members of the X-Men and taken on the role of team leader several times.

I was inspired to make this piece by Storm’s first outfit – presented in 1975’s issue of Giant Size X-Men #1 . That time she wore black tankini, with ruby gemstone  from her mother, thigh high boots, black cape and tiara.

I made her hair from baby alpaca fur [from fair-trade farm] to match her electrified  personality and stormy hairstyle 😉 All pieces of her outfit were made by me, based on original Marvel’s comic book appearance. She is available for adoption in my Etsy store.



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