Dolly archives: Jack Frost doll / Rise of the Guardians – Jackson Jekyll OOAK repaint [12.2015]

And it is THIS time of the year again 🙂 Between  Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration, when you live on leftovers and drinks 😉 and there is no such thing as spare free time… Well, in my case for sure  this is a pattern.

Since most of my Christmas gifts are hand made – even when I do not make any commissions – I am buried with painting, miniatures, dolls, sewing, and stuff….

So – year ago I helped to create Christmas gift based on Rise of the Guardians movie, and since I didn’t saw it before – I HAD TO watch the movie – all for science, of course 😀  This year I’ve got order for second Jack Frost – maybe I’ll make it my Christmas Tradition some day 😉
Here are some pictures of my firts Jack Frost’s creation. Second one [this year’s] is still waiting for his staff and hoodie.



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