Steampunk Adventurer – Hujoo Nano Rabbi: tiny BJD 4″ size

Some time ago I’ve bought two of Hujoo anthro series BJD’s [rabbit and mouse], but due to  high demand of my Mattel repaints – they waited for a bit of my free time.

The time has come when I closed commission spots for December…

First to customize was Hujoo Rabbi, who is a 4″ tiny rabbit, similar sized to PukiPuki and Lati White dolls. My Significant Other wanted him to be a steampunk one, so I made a Steampunk Adventurer 🙂 All clothes were hand sewn by me, and these pieces were the smallest things I’ve ever sewn! I am wondering how my new sewing machine will manage such a small pieces [ I am hoping for nothing less than “awesome” since I bought a professional one, and spend all my last year’s savings on it!]

With these deep blue eyes and fur color inspired by rabbit I had as a child – there was no chance not to fall in love with this lil’ furball ❤

If you want to have your own Hujoo Nano Rabbi doll customized – you can order it here [click click]


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