Dolly archives: Triela the Gunslinger Girl [11.2015]

This custom was inspired by anime” Gunslinger Girl”, that was recommended by one of FB groups I’m in. Story line is creepy af, but in the same time so interesting, that you’ll end watching all series in one evening…
Set in modern-day Italy the Gunslinger Girl anime revolves around the Social Welfare Agency, a government-funded organisation which is supposed to provide advanced medical care to those in need. This is only a cover for a far different agenda: the patients, adolescent girls who have survived traumatic events, are brainwashed into forgetting their past, turned into cyborgs, trained in the use of weapons and used as assassins to battle enemies of the State.

Each girl is assigned to an adult whose job is to provide the girl with training and act as a mentor and authority figure.

My choose for a custom doll wasTriela –  one of the Social Welfare Agency’s oldest girls and one of the their first generation cyborgs. While some have thought she personally favours masculine dress, its revealed in Book Two that Hilshire, her mentor, buys her clothing himself, and selects them in his own typical German fashion.The practical fashion accessory of a Winchester M1897 Trench Gun seems to remain a perennial favourite of hers.
Teddy bear she takes with her was a Christmas gift from her mentor, and a proof of her humanity to the outside observers.


Used materials
– for faceup: Kooh-i-Noor watercolor pencils & pastels, Vallejo Matt Spray Varnish, hot glue
– outfit: 100% cotton denim, silk crepe
– teddy bear: felt and silicone stuffing,  hand sewn


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