Dolly archives: DC’s Poison Ivy [10.2015]

Some time ago I’ve made this fully customized Monster High CAM Witch, and turned her into one of DC’s super-villains – Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy also was one of Suicide Squad beauties, who frequently teams up with her best friend and partner in crime, Harley Quinn.

The doll was repainted, rerooted and re-sculpted. All leaves and vines of her outfit were hand-sculpted, and painted with Vallejo acrylic paints. They were permanently attached to close fit the body.

This also was the first time I had to sew doll wig wefts, since without something to drill holes in hard head cap – there is no other possibility to give CAM doll hair than make a wig.
Hard work [and lots of mess & loose dolly hair in my apartment] pays off – after a year from that moment – I still love how she turned out 🙂

Used materials:
– Milliputt epoxy putty, Vallejo acrylics, Kooh-i-Noor dry pastels


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