Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn [08.2016]

Before she was the psychotic sidekick of the Joker, she was a promising psychiatrist, who was assigned to Arkham Asylum, where she treated the Joker.

Seeing she was obsessed with his specific brand of crazy, Joker used this to take advantage of her and warp her mind into becoming his right-hand gal.

In newest DC Movie Miss Quinzel gained a huge reboot of her classical black and white outfit into something more modern. And she look so darn good
Also – Margot Robbie, who played Harley, was IMHO one of the brighest stars of the movie.


Used materials:
– for tatoos – freehand acrylics
– faceup & bruises: CITADEL Purity Seal, Kooh-i-Noor Mondeluz, Derwent watercolour , dry mineral make up
– outfit: bat – hand sculpted from air dry clay, clothes hand sewn from single jersey ITY, hand painted
– hair – 100% kanekalon, hand dyed with textile dye


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