Dolly archives: Frankie & Kitty [08.2015]

These two were a gift for my BFF’s daughter – Maddie, who brought me into MH world 🙂
She had spare CAM set, and I had some decapitated dolls, some doll,s heads only, and so we ended up with these two.

Frankie was made from original MH head, and Ghoulia’s body. But since head was green and body grey – I repainted head to match the rest. And it really looks good till  today, even after kinda harsh child playtime 😀


Rockin’ Kitty doll is fully customized CAM werecat and a very special project.
Maddie – is not as other  girls in her age typically are 😉 she loves rock music, penny dreadfuls, noir movies, Marvel and DC, and she has orange belt in karate. She hates pink color.
And for last few years her fav band was Guns n’ Roses…

So when she gave me her CAM werecat I just knew – new must be a rockin’ girl, guitar must have roses on it, and definetly CANNOT be pink anymore 😀


Used materials:
– for Frankie – Vallejo Game Color acrylic paints, artistic grade satin varnish, soft pastels
– for Kitty: CITADEL Corax White primer, Valejo Game Color paints, acrylic yarn for reroot [my first CAM reroot, and first yarn reroot]


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